Why Fox’s ‘Gotham’ Works So Well (And Why You Should Lean Into Your Crazy)

Out of all of the shows on television these days, Fox’s Gotham is probably the craziest. Even by live action comic book adaptation standards, Gotham takes crazy to a new level each week.

When the show began way back in September 2014, it was slammed by critics as overly melodramatic, pretentious, and pseudo-intellectual. Its villains were too over-the-top to be believable. Such criticism has persisted throughout the show’s three-season run.

Expectations were that Gotham would reel back some of the zanier aspects of its show and stick to being a crime drama procedural. Maybe the show would have attracted more viewers if it did so. Maybe critics would have given it an easier time.

But Gotham did the exact opposite. It leaned into its special brand of crazy. And that is what sets the show apart.

Creatives have always been pressured to conform, to refrain from being edgy, to not push the envelope. But, what good is creating, if you don’t make the art that is truly in your heart?

There will always be detractors. There will always be people who say your work is too out there to be accepted by the mainstream. But, as the success of Gotham shows, if you lean into your crazy, there will be people willing to lean with you.